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Mobile gaming has come a long way, where you do not only have the support of OG games like Nokia Snake and Bounce to keep you entertained

6 Exciting RPG Games You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone Right Now

Mobile gaming has come a long way, where you do not only have the support of RPG Games like Nokia Snake and Bounce to keep you entertained. Now, thanks to the revolutionary smartphone technology, plenty of games have made their way to the mobile platform.

We are here today to talk about a specific gaming genre in nature, though – RPGs or Role Playing Games. Discussed below are some of the finest RPG games that you can find on the Google Play Store right now. Though, some of them will require you to connect to the internet. But that too can be arranged by typing in “cheap internet near me” on the Google search engine, or better yet, hop on to BuyTVInternetPhone directly to subscribe to the perfect internet plan of your choice. Anyway, let us tell you about these amazing RPG games in a little detail.

Adventure Quest 3D

First up, let us tell you about the amazing mobile world of Adventure Quest 3D. After the warm welcome this game received on PC a few years back, the developers soon launched a mobile version of the RPG Games.

This MMORPG features a multitude of playable characters, magical weaponry, and mystic armor that aid the players in battle. Moreover, if you have had enough of the default characters offered in the game, you can go ahead create your own super-powered character to make the journey forward. And finally, since the game features cross-platform compatibility, playing with your whole fantasy nerd gang is not an issue.

Arcane Quest 3

Next, Arcane Quest 3 is a turn-based RPG game with hints of strategy and adventure genres. Here, you will have the chance to select your path from a mix of 10 challenging classes, after which you can slay all the orcs and evil monsters that your heart desires.

And if you get bored playing the default story missions every day, then you may also turn to the vast selection of multiplayer matches available where you can test your limits against live play players from all over the globe.


Are you hopelessly in love with the PC Classic, Warframe? If yes, then you are bound to fall for its smartphone alternate, Eternium. The game features an action-fantasy RPG genre where you can play both, offline and online matches.

Here, you can fulfill your desire to collect never-ending loot without having to make many real-life purchases. This is because the game’s major currency, Gems, can easily be collected from completing missions and annihilating enemies. So, grab your spell masters, looters, and slayers, and embark upon the deadliest journey through the caves and dungeons of Eternium.

Chrono Trigger

Another classic RPG game to join the smartphone world is Chrono Trigger where the boundaries of time do not hold you. Here, you will embark upon a mission through time, encountering unforgiving enemies from the past, present, and future. And to aid you in defeating said enemies is your arsenal of unique characters with unique abilities of their own.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

This timeless turn-based gem is the RPG you want if you dread in-app purchases or other DLC content. Since it is completely free from both, you can put your complete focus on advancing in the game based on your skill alone. The gameplay lets you join 6 person battles where teams of 3 engage in combat with the help of magical swords, alluring magical jewelry, and supernatural armor.

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends is a popular RPG game by Plarium Global Ltd for mobile gamers across different platforms. If stunning visuals and mesmerizing graphics are what piques your interest, then this game is definitely worth downloading.

As a player, you enter the world of Teleria, where you must form an elite team of unforgiving warriors from the Forces of Light and Darkness. After which you must train them to fight as a team, enabling you to raid enemies from different races. And for the boring missions, you have the Autoplay feature to get over with the missions instantly.

Time to Get Into Character!

These are only a few fine gems that you can experience on your Android devices in 2021. There are boatloads of other exceptional titles as well waiting to be played For more visit  ArticleBased Facebook Account or contact us.


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