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8 Best Travel destinations in Dubai

8 Best Travel destinations in Dubai

The region of jaw-dropping manmade wonders and stupefying architecture -Dubai images as the incredible record-holding city. Does it have the world’s tallest tower, the world’s most luxurious hotel & mall, the world’s first indoor skiing resort, and whatnot? 

Apart from these giant marvels, the city’s heritage regions are highly remarkable. Your wanderings are incomplete without witnessing the beauty of desert safari, the traditional souk markets, and the heritage forts. Your vacations in the city of extreme thrill and lux are going to be filled with the best ventures ever. Here’s a quick guide on what are the best travel destinations in Dubai or the city of luxuries. If you want to have an epic vacation in Dubai, check out the highlights of some amazing attractions of the city. 

Top Tourist Spots Worth – Visiting in Dubai

  1. Cuddle in Sand in a Desert Safari 

The heritage Arabian desert is located as its conservation reserve in the southern region Put all ventures aside travel but enthusiasts especially visit Dubai to witness its majestic dunes Witness the archaic region at different times of the day. 

Out of all the desert tours, the evening desert safari Dubai is the most popular as it offers amazing sunset views Stargazing and night camping also attract adventurists to the desert premises Then there is a great opportunity for thrill seekers to live their wildest dreams here.

Dune bashing and quad biking in the fast SUVs are the ultimate thrilling sports for them. You can also indulge in sandboarding camel riding. 

Watch the Skyline Atop Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a renowned Arabian landmark all over the globe. The world’s tallest tower keeps shimmering throughout the year but it gains special attention during special times such as new year’s eve. Behold the breathtaking views of the entire skyline atop the 124th observation deck. Moreover, the internal architecture of this mighty tower is also impressive. It depicts the amazing Arabian art displayed beautifully inside. Burj Khalifa is the major stopover for every visitor. 

The Upbeat Fountain Dance

One of the famous travel destinations in Dubai is the dancing fountain. It Which is situated underneath the mighty Burj Khalifa & over the Khalifa lake. The fountain is the center of tourists’ attraction due to its fluorescent colors and insane dance. It spreads the colorful displays of around 6600 lights illuminating through high splashes. The fountain dances over several Arabian beats and international contemporaries. Witness the alluring dance of the Dubai fountain and live the nightlife in extreme vibrancy.

Water Taxi Ride Across Dubai Creek

The saltwater creek divides the city into Deira and Bur Dubai. You can explore the creek by getting a ticket to Abra (water taxi) from Al-Gubaiba water transport station. The commuters will take you across the heart of Dubai. The creek is the archaic gateway for traders. 

Here, you can explore the traditional souk markets, local restaurants, and forts at Deira. If you’re into exploring a place through its traditional perspective, wandering in the creek will be an amazing experience for you.

Views from the Marina Beach

The ecstatic views of Atlantis and Jumeirah remain the center of attraction if tourists & locals. Especially during summers. The gulf side from Marina to Jumeirah unleashes the breathtaking view of the mighty Burj Al Arab. This amazing manmade marvel is clearly visible from the bay. The Marina beach has various parks nearby where you can spend a delightful day with kids. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Marina 

Sail in the Marina water canal and live the nightlife at its best. Whether you want to have a romantic date or have a luscious feast with family, dhow cruise dinner in Marina is the perfect night out. Enjoy a succulent dinner in the floating hotels in the middle of water ripples. The wooden boats contain an air-conditioned deck and alfresco top. 

You can take delightful bites from the Arabian savory at the alfresco top of a dhow cruise. Watch the gleaming lights and get stunned upon the reflection of empires in the Marina canal.

AquaVenture Water Park

The scorching heat of Dubai insists you take a refreshing dive into the lavish pools of the Aquaventure water park. It’s a great place to visit with family. There are high water slides, a 700 metered spread private beach, and super enticing rides. Moreover, the famous rides include shark lagoon, Neptune tower, Poseidon tower, underwater tunnel, and tropical poolside. 

The longest Atlantic region can be covered with a height of adrenaline through insane ziplining. So beat the heat in the aqua venture park and create another epic story of your Dubai ventures. 

Pose with The Penguins in the Skiing Resort

The world’s first skiing resort is situated in the Emirates Mall. The temperature of this skiing resort is maintained at -1 to -2 degrees. Here, you can surf in the snow after taking a skiing lesson. The interesting part is posing with the adorable colonized penguins. Kids would love to cuddle in the snow with them! Witness the frosty resort right from the chairlift. Warm ensembles are provided to the visitors at the entrance so that they can survive the chilling temperatures inside. Grab some ml of hot chocolate from the alluring artificial hill stations in a snow skiing resort and live a frosty fantasy in Dubai.


Now stopping by your favorite travel destinations in Dubai may be easier for you to check out the above listing. The city is brimming with stupendous views and exceptional opportunities at every mile. 

The major reason why everyone loves to visit this specific region of the UAE. Try jet skiing at Palm Jumeirah and pose with the penguins at ski Dubai. Witness the golden desert from a bird’s eye in a hot air balloon and try thrilling desert sports at the conservation reserve. Now is your time to satisfy the wanderlust by visiting the most amazing tourist destinations in the world For more visit  ArticleBased Facebook Account or contact us.


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