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How is TrueHAB helping tourists during Covid with a safe travel during Covid
How is TrueHAB helping tourists during Covid with a safe travel during Covid

How is TrueHAB helping tourists during Covid with a safe travel during Covid

Dehradun, May 31, 2021- TrueHAB is improving the customer experience of tourists for safe travel with some basic safety, cleanliness, and hygienic precautions during Covid-19. Safety is all about sanitization, social distancing, touch, closeness, and exposure.
It has reoriented itself to new social distancing norms to convince tourists on destination level hygiene, safety, and security to encourage them to travel. With us, vacationers travel responsibly and follow actionable safety tips.
Prerequisite and Travel Plan Measures
Its team ensures with RT-PCR Report that no infected person goes on a tour. It encourages prospective tourists for vaccination and travel 2 weeks after the second vaccine dose so that body can build protection. Fully vaccinated tourists are less likely to spread corona.
TrueHAB updates tourists about border situations, operational flights, and corona status about destinations.
Team also informs them about the requirements of negative RT-PCR reports, registration, or guidelines in the destination state or territory.
Safe Travel Destinations
The company encourages packages for safe tour destinations.
Given the rich bio-diversity with 500 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, ecotourism stands a bright chance because people’s contact is the least in wildlife. Likewise, people’s desire for well-being drives wellness tourism with Yoga, Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Siddha, naturopathy.
Rural tourism is another area with lesser crowd and population congestion. Village lifestyle and country experience draw people to agricultural or non-urban locations.
Outdoor adventure travel, bike trips, van life, and adventure trek expose tourists to the least social contact.
Lakes, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and rarely populated islands are suitable for corona protocols. Short trips and non-metro routes are safer to get back home.
Destination Specific Measures
The company encourages people to avoid big cities, crowded shopping malls, markets, restaurants, religious, Casino, nightclubs, and historical places. Its DMCs take care of all safety measures at destinations.
Hotel Specific Measures
No shared accommodation (dormitory or hostel).
Hotels follow cleaning protocol and disinfect high-touch surfaces or sanitize more, and offer online check-in and payments.
Tourists get their food, beverages, or drinks served in the hotel room itself.
Commutation Specific Measures
The company takes a small group of tourists on tour.
A safe vehicle sitting- Seating arrangement with social distancing.
Road trips in personal or hired vehicles and no use of public transport like metro, local train, buses, shared taxi or carpooling for destinations in the city, the same state, or adjacent states.
Vehicles are wiped down all high-touch surfaces and parts like windows, seat belts, and door handles. Passengers clean their hands after each stop with hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes in the car.
Tourists wear masks in the car, and windows are kept open for fresh air. Most vehicles have partitions between the front and back to minimize the risk of transmission.
Air Travel
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters in most aircraft filter 99.99% airborne contaminants and dust particles such as bacteria and viruses to ensure quality air.
Tourists use nasal sprays to moisture and clean the nose. The low humidity in the plane dries the mucous membranes that block viruses. Drink plenty of water to combat cabin dryness.
Web check-in and no kiosk check-in to avoid touching surfaces and compulsory face cover during travel.
Packed food (Sealed Grab and go meals bag).
No joy rides in various locations because it is difficult to maintain social distancing in the helicopter.
For Vaishno Devi and Kedarnath, tourists are encouraged to walk to the destinations or take the services of ponies, palkies, or Pithoos. For Tawang and Gangtok, other convenient means of road transport are available.
Tourists are encouraged to take the following precautions during train travel:
Try to book upper birth unless you are a senior citizen or have medical conditions (preferences are asked while booking tickets). Most of the time, try to be on the upper birth. This way, you can maintain distance with fellow passengers.
Do not move much closer to socializing with fellow passengers, or better avoid mixing altogether.
Sanitize your hands after touching objects like toilet doors, latch, and coach doors.
Carry homely food and drinking water. Have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your berth only.
Carry your paper, soap, sanitizer, and bedsheet.
Reach the railway station before time to avoid scrimmage in boarding your coach and locating a berth or seat. It would also prevent close people’s contact.
Avoid using connecting trains as people’s exposure would be more at the station and at the time of boarding and getting off.
Do not buy loose and cold food items. Get hot and packed ones.
Cruise Ships
No use of cruise ships till the situation normalizes completely because cruise ships are floating incubators of coronavirus with very high risk as per health experts. After the crisis is over, people will not gain the confidence to travel in a cruise liner among 2000 people for ten days.
International Travel
The company keeps abreast of all the significant developments in international travel because health would be governing every aspect of the journey.
Tourists are advised to have travel and health insurance for overseas travel.
Check current status about the countries or places of the tour to avoid possible quarantine, getting stranded at the airport, or visa overstay.
The Visa regime may change to have a vaccination certificate, negative RT-PCR test report, and other documents.
Tourists are advised to have an emergency fund to counter unforeseen events for a few more days’ accommodation and meal expenses.
Additional Precautions
TrueHAB provides advanced tickets for monuments and temples to tourists, and they need not stand in a crowded queue.

The company provides pre-trip counseling to tourists about necessary formalities and new realities around destinations.

Offseason Travel is a good idea during Covid for the least crowd, no ques, and easy hotel booking.

Company details
TrueHAB Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2020 at Dehradun to create the world’s largest community of travelers. TrueHAB uses travelers’ stories, experiences, and insights to collaborate with over 50,000 trusted travel experts and create an ideal platform for vacationers.

TrueHAB is a perfect platform in tourism for travelers, travel experts, tour operators, and DMCs. It has been a game-changer with value addition in services, new features, and cost-effective tour packages, and its ecosystem makes a difference in travelers’ and travel agents’ lives For more visit  ArticleBased Facebook Account or contact us.


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