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Kamshet Paragliding

Kamshet Paragliding – Most exciting place for Paragliding Near Pune

Get your adrenaline rushing with paragliding in Kamshet which is definitely the most exciting place to experience the flying experience. Kamshet is a hill town situated near Mumbai and Pune. The exact location is 110 km away from Mumbai and 45 km away from Pune. Kamshet offers all the leisure travelers as well as adventure seekers scenic views of valleys, majestic mounts, and quaint village houses. Kamshet is one of the hot spots for paragliding in India. Amidst the serene natural beauty of Kamshet, you can enjoy this flying experience of paragliding. Since it nestles in the heart of beautiful Sahyadri ranges, Kamshet is the perfect destination to pick because of its exceptional topography and world-class thrilling offers.

The altitude of the hills is not very high making the takeoff and landing areas ideal for the paragliders in Kamshet. It has become a favorite destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers.  The Kamshet paragliding does not require any learning or technical experience.  One can enjoy it while being decked and packed up completely. You can comfortably enjoy your ride through the air and enjoy the view as the breeze brushes your face and you experience an adrenaline rush. Once you are up above the high sky, you can enjoy the views of Kamshet replete with lakes, hills, and nature’s bounty. 

 The most popular spots you can pick for paragliding in Kamshet are 

  • Shinde Wadi Hills
  • Kondeshwar Cliff
  • Tower Hill 
  • Shelar

The picturesque photographic scenery offered by the Western Ghats in Kamshet makes it an idyllic yet exciting location for each and every one. Whether you’re backpacking for Solo Ride or traveling with your friends or family to make your weekend fun, paragliding in Kamshet is a paradise. 

Weather & Best Time to Visit

As Kamshet offers a medium-range of hills, weather is usually pleasant throughout. The weather at Kamshet is great for ridge and dynamic style of flying. The average speed of winds is more than 20 km/hour which allows the tourists to learn how to navigate through the strong winds. From October to February, one can definitely experience paragliding here.  The winter season during this time allows dynamic thermic conditions making the region perfect for the sports.  From March to May, one experiences dynamic ridge conditions as the westerlies sweep over the town. 

Things to be noted : 

If you are beginning or trying paragliding for the first time, Kamshet won’t fail to surprise you with an adventure of a lifetime with the help of certified trainers. Paragliding activity can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. 

Minimum Age Limit for Paragliding –  6 years

Children – 6 years to 18 years (accompanied by their Parents/Guardian) 

Adults- No age limit

Types of Paragliding

There are basically three types of paragliding 

Classic Tandem

Instructional Tandem 

Acro tandem

You can do Acro Tandem in Kamshet. The difficulty level of the Acro ranges from easy to moderate. The average cost of paragliding in Kamshet lies between INR 1800-3000 which heavily depends on different flying schools and courses. The experience lasts for about 15-30 minutes for single flight duration. Paragliding tours in Kamshet do not require you to carry any extra stuff. You can travel light, especially on weekends. 

Gears usually include flying suits, helmets and shoes are easily available at the flying schools. Some advisory points will be to wear comfortable clothes like tracksuits, sports shoes, and light jackets to beat the chill since the cool breeze will brush you hard.

Kamshet paragliding Packages offer a memorable escape where you get to soar high in the sky and is the most extraordinary experience which you must go for the activity serves as a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowd away from the city located on the outskirts. It is food for the soul.  For more visit  ArticleBased Facebook Account or contact us.


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