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Types of Quantitative Research

Most Effective Types of Quantitative Research with Examples

Have you ever participated in a survey?


Have you faced quantitative research in your life?

Your answer may be yes!

In our lives, we came across quantitative research from time to time. Maybe you have faced quantitative research once or multiple times in your life, such as responding to questionnaires or surveys regarding different concerns.

I hope you are familiar with the terms Don’t worry. We are here to assist you and provide guidance on quantitative research and its types.

In this blog, we will dive into the definition and types of quantitative research with the help of examples.  

Besides, you should know why we need quantitative research.

Let’s begin with the meaning of quantitative research.

Quantitative Research

There are various techniques to deal with different, kinds of data in statistics and draw conclusions by analyzing that data. Quantitative research is one of those systematic. techniques that focus on numerical data and give the current status of the identified variable.

The researcher should collect the data by keeping the objective in mind.

In which areas do we use quantitative research?

In the fields where we need to express the data in tables, charts, and figures, quantitative research plays an important role. It is applicable in natural and social sciences because it produces knowledge of the social world. It is mainly used in Biology, sociology, economics, marketing, etc.

Types of quantitative research

Survey research is a widely used method in statistics for data collection. It aims to offer comprehensive features or characteristics of the total population or subset of the population(sample). It is helpful for various types of quantitative research.

Moreover, it helps the businessmen and owners of the companies to know their products and services and how they can improve their services to the customers. 

Such research depends on the target audience rather than the past records.

After the collection of data, they analyze it with the different techniques and make decisions according to the conclusion.

Descriptive Research

When the data is collected through various sources, the process of analysis and interpretation begins. From the findings, they jump to the hypothesis process seeking valuable information. It is essential for the researchers to carefully ensure the units and measurements of the variables for the structure data selection.

Examples of Descriptive Research-

  • Corona vaccine description by the medical researchers.
  • Description of different waves of covid-19
  • Various symptoms of corona disease

Experimental Research

As the name suggests, experimental Research depends on one or multiple theories. Scientific methods are used to develop a relationship of cause and effect among the variable groups known as true experimentation. Components of experimental Research are given below.

  • Researchers use randomly selected groups and assigned groups to make comparisons of them.
  • The experimental groups may use independent variables or experimental variables.
  • A similar way is used to calculate all groups and dependent variables.

Causal-Comparative Research

Causal-comparative Research is also known as quasi-experimental Research and is based on comparison factors. In this case, one variable is dependent on the independent variable, and this research method is useful for revealing the relationship between these two variables. 

When the researcher concludes, they consider the effects of independent variables on dependent variables but do not consider the features of independent variables.

Examples of Causal-Comparative Research Questions-

  • The impacts of the covid-19 vaccine on children, youngsters, and elderly people
  • How does covid-19 affect the education system
  • Effects of cigarettes and tobacco on youngsters and teenagers.

Correlational Research

It is used to develop or recognize the relationship between those entities. As the name indicates we need at least two groups or entities to work on this research method so that we can find out relevant information, values of their relationship.

To develop a correlation between two different variables, researchers need to implement quantitative research along with the mathematical concepts.

Here the researchers need to-

  • Observe the changes in one variable
  • Identify the changes in second variable due to first variable
  • Develop a relationship after noticing the changes.

Generally, it is not effective to draw conclusions on the basis of correlational Research because it is not necessary if two variables are synchronized; they are interrelated.


  • The relationship between growth and development.
  • The relationship between recession and inflation
  • The relation between fame and money


In this blog, we have discussed the types of quantitative research and their examples. I hope now you understand the meaning and process of quantitative research and which type of research focuses on which purpose.

Well, this was not the end of the list, although we tried to discuss the most important quantitative research types with their working principles and working areas For more visit  ArticleBased Facebook Account or contact us.


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